You may have thought that all was quiet on the blog because I’m in the middle of my Education and Research class but the truth is, we were doing time.


Jaylene doesn’t look too upset because it was her father who was guilty of the crime.


He committed the unforgiveable… putting a pair of Jayden’s pants in the washing machine, with a disposable diaper inside! Ewwwww…

He managed to escape…

prisoner escapes

Thanks to the help of his *loud* son.

Jayden Jail

After the rescue, Jayden spent the rest of his time cuddling, kissing and serenading the sweet Kate, hoping to impress her with his exploits (mainly by galavanting throughout the jail/restaurant).

Kate Jail

Her older brother was content to be wellbehaved and sit at the table and eat the jail cuisine, as did the rest of his family who munched on 24 oz sirloin steaks.

Keanu Jail

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