I have all sorts of things to share with you guys: new places we’ve visited, crafts we’ve made, milestones we’ve passed, craziness we’ve created and more, but all that activity means I’ve been hardpressed to find a minute where I can update this blog.   I even missed Wordless Wednesday!  It’s also the beginning of term and I start my next evening course soon so I’m up to my ears in pre-course assignments.  Enough of my whining about how busy I am, I thought I could show you a random minute in my life, as documented by my husband.  Which will also show you why there are so few good pictures of me taken by him. 

According to my camera, these three photos were all taken at 1:32 pm on February 8th, during a break at the national arts and crafts center.

We begin with me so sensitively listening to Jaylene’s tales of woe, heartbreak and and other drama.

 01 a minute

Jayden has seen us and has joined in for some cuddles.  Violent ones apparently, as now I’m comforting a slight over-reaction to younger brother’s blows.

 02 A minute

This next one is the result of some suspicious odors.  Thankfully we didn’t have to do a diaper change.

03 A minute

What’s a minute in your life look like?