Year of the ox - giveaway

I’ve only been given a few minutes to post before my family whisks me away to another outing (is it wrong to be secretly happy the boys are going back to work/school tomorrow? I need a vacation from this vacation!)

I thought I’d host a picture challenge, with some participation prizes. Here’s the lowdown:

1. Post a year of the ox picture on your blog/photo account and post the link in my comments section. You can also link to any ox picture you’ve uploaded in the last week.

2. Make sure you’ve put your email in the email box ’cause I notify winners individually, I don’t repost on my blog.

3. Note if you want an authentic Asian collage pack that’s geared toward paper art or children.

I’ll send prizes to the first 10 participants that meet the above 3 criteria. C’mon, send out the oxen!

Edited* Challenge officially closed * watch for a new one soon!