Now this craft Jayden definitely did by himself, yet there are no pictures of him on the school blog doing so. Ah well, I thought I’d share it with you anyway. They made Chinese New Year Firecrackers.

Red square of thick material (book board, foam core, plastic, whatevah) about 10×10 cm
Wide red straws, cut into five cm lengths
Gold foil tape
Faux lantern (optional)

Step one: Decorate the red square
fire cracker decoration flower
You could write a chinese character such as spring or luck or just decorate it with a New Year symbol such as fish or oranges. They did flowers.

Step two: string on the faux firecrackers
firecracker decoration stringing
After wrapping gold foil tape around the edges (Jayden didn’t do this part), string them all together (he did do this part). For wee ones it helps to pre-punch some holes.

Step three: add the optional lantern
fire cracker decoration finished