Look at the seriousness of these artists! The character on their papers means cow, and the year of the cow/ox is coming up soon. To make these mosaics the kids cut pieces of foil colored tape and placed them on the character and the outline frame.

Seeing this photo reminds me that I promised Jayden he could play around with some similar tape at home. We were waiting for Ahji to pick us up and Miss Mo was preparing a craft they were to do later (I’ll share pictures of that another day). Jayden wanted to play with the tape and no one was helping him, so he toddled off to where the scissors were located, brought a pair back, cut open the bag, got out the tape and accomplished his goal. Almost. We took the tape away and I made my yet-to-be-fufilled promise. I guess that’s what we’ll do tonight.  I must admit I have my doubts of the authenticity of Jayden’s design, so tonight’s play will show if it’s really his or the teacher’s.

**Edited to add**  Apparently Jayden just grabbed someone else’s paper (probably the teacher’s sample) and wanted to get his picture taken with it.  We didn’t get time to make any tape mosaics because we were having too much fun at the playground, but we’ll try again tomorrow. ***end of edit***

If you look in the background, you’ll see the poems they learn for Chinese New Year pinned to the board.  If there’s interest, I’ll have Jaylene translate some for you.  They have to do with the associations made at New Year, like fish and wealth, apples and prosperity, and the like.   I hope you have a prosperous New Year.