We have been bringing in the new year by hosting house party after house party! Friends and family have been dropping in all day every day so far in 2009. It warms our hearts, even if our house is only 57F/15C! If you want to stop by, give us a call.

As we’re now only a smidgen bit sick, Keanu and his new sister Kate came up to play and even though it was just for fun, we ended up beating them in a rousing round of bowling.

I think it was Jaylene’s first time bowling. She didn’t follow my advice to use two hands nor did she focus on the middle arrow. She still played pretty well so I guess I don’t know everything after all. Don’t tell her that!

Jaylene bowling copy

Jayden was much more content to listen to his mother’s words of wisdom. It was definitely his first time.

Jayden Bowling

The boys were pretty serious at first, but soon perked up and became great cheerleaders.

littlest bowlers

Did you know that wiping down the balls is almost as fun as throwing them?