The weather outside is frightful, but yesterday it was delightful. The kids were wearing shorts and t-shirts on Sunday and bundled up with a bajillion layers today. brrrr. Although the weather went from warm to cold, we made a traditional treat that goes from cold to warm. Tang yuan! Or the not so yummy sounding English translation of glutinous rice balls. But rest assured, they are delicious!

Both kids made their own at their respective schools, but I only have pictures of Jayden’s.

01 materials
Glutinous rice powder and water.

Mix ’em up.
02 mix it up

Get a little goopy.
03 getting goopy with it

Roll it out and pinch off bits to roll into balls.
04 roll it out

Don’t have a snow ball fight, even if you’re tempted 😉
05 let it snow

This next picture is Jaylene cooking some frozen store bought ones up at home, all by herself! (with a little help from mom with the tricky gas burner).

06 boiling

She was quite proud. To be honest, the store ones are much better because they have delicious fillings inside such as my fave, peanut. You can make them with fillings but I don’t do those sorts of things. Here’s the homemade ones in a sugar and red bean broth.

07 yummy

Happy Winter Solstice to you. May you enjoy the warmth and light of family.