…to be busy! 

Happy Ho Ho Ho

Yes, Jayden’s holding a ping pong paddle.  It’s his new obsession and he thinks we need to do all our daily tasks with a paddle in hand as well.  It will be known as the Ping Pong Christmas.  While we don’t get winter vacation until the end of January, we still manage to do all the celebrations that we would normally do back in Canada at this time of year. Friday night we went to Jayden’s school’s Christmas program. Saturday morning we opened presents from the Canadian grandparents. Saturday afternoon we went to the parent pages Christmas party and in the evening we went out for dinner with two other families. This morning we had friends over for a gingerbread house decorating party.  And now we’re off for a winter solstice dinner with Ahji’s family.  Thankfully we have enough ping pong paddles to pass around for everyone so that there won’t be any problems.  I hope it doesn’t turn into a yearly tradition though.  Do you have any interesting family traditions for your winter celebrations?