We’ve been up to our noses in delightful Christmas and Winter reading. Yesterday we read Little Tree which is a story by chris raschka based on a poem by e.e. cummings. (It’s the 58th book Jaylene’s read by herself since we started the 100 books in Grade One project.)

Little Tree

Then we made curly Christmas trees. We’ve made these before but went an extra step this year by adding pompom ornaments.

01 Materials

Two pieces of thick-ish paper cut to triangles the same shape (we glued patterned paper together to make it stronger).
One piece of paper cut out in a spiral.

02 Tree

I attempted to let Jayden join us for this project as he’s currently refusing to take naps and he loves glue. That’s why there are no inbetween pictures. Let’s just say that from now on his glue adventures will take place at school.

Cut down the middle of the top of one of the triangle trees, and up the middle of the bottom of the second. Adjust as needed until they fit together.

Glue pompoms on the spiral, and when they’re dry attach it to the top of the tree.

After we finished our trees, we snuggled under a blanket and watched our twinkly lights on the tree and brainstormed possible poetry lines that we could use to describe our tree. Then some friends arrived and after they left we made homemade pizza so quite a bit of time passed by before Jaylene had a chance to write her poem.  

01 Composing

She even illustrated it.

02 poem

Apparently she wasn’t impressed with e.e. cummings signature style of using lowercase letters.  What’s your favorite winter poem or song?