Recently when I pick Jayden up from school he immediately rushes to the art center and grabs a box of oil pastels and a glue bottle. We get to spend a little time together before Ahji joins us and drives us home, so I usually let him use the crayons but tell him he’s too young for the glue. Apparently I’m quite mistaken. I guess my mess-a-phobia took over my observation ability. I’m very thankful that Jayden’s school shares pictures frequently with us because not only do I get to see my little darling, but sometimes I learn something.

Here’s a look at my little Toddler Action Artist (19 months old) creating a Christmas Tree ornament.

Step one: Apply glue with super speed.
01 Super Glue

Step two: Adhere sequin ornaments with extreme concentration.
02 Stick 'em on

Step three: Admire handiwork, but don’t hold it still.
03 Admire handiwork