The other day Jaylene received a belated birthday package from dear ones in Canada. She was thrilled with her goodies and new outfit.  In fact, she wore it three days in a row and only stopped because it was “wear uniform to school” day.

01 Jaylene's boots

Jayden was quite taken with the boots (as he is with all sorts of shoes) and tried them out for a spin. Jaylene thought he looked quite smashing and silly.

02 Jayden finds them

Then she had enough of him prancing around in *her* new birthday boots and decided she wanted to put them back on her own feet.

03 Time to return

He disagreed. Quite loudly. Be thankful I haven’t figured out how to turn the sound on for videos on the “new” camera yet. (I know, it’s been months already).

04 Much protesting and wailing

Soon Jaylene was wailing just as loudly as her little brother.  I think a few windows shattered.

05 Screaming and Sharing

Ahh, the great wail-off.  It’s practically a daily tradition around here.  Ironically, if you look closely you can see that the video playing in the background is the Bunny and Froggy Sharing song.  It wasn’t much help this time but it sure gave me a giggle.  The battle of the boots was forgotten a few minutes later and my two munchkins were best buds again.  I’m thankful that they usually get along well, but I could really do with out the wail-a-thons.  What do you do to promote sharing or eliminate “this-is-mine-itis”?