We were invited to watch Wall-E on the big screen at a friend’s community center. Jaylene was thrilled beyond belief.

Here are the kids playing in the ball pit before the movie started.


This shot was taken during the movie.


As you can see, Jayden wasn’t thrilled with the idea of sitting still during the movie. Thank goodness for the ball pit! He and his friend Anja ran around the play room while the moms chatted and the dads watched the movie with Jaylene.


Afterwards, we all bought ice cream and other delicious pretend food from Anja.  She’s an April baby too, but a year older than Jayden.

What was the first movie you saw in the theater?  How old were you?  I remember going but being really sad or scared and my mom saying I was too young.  Maybe it was “Bambi“?  The next movies I remember were “The Little Mermaid” (not the Disney one) and “The Black Caudron” with my dad when I was about seven or eight.