Not the family Christmas picture

Thought we could get a family picture in last weekend at the ShilLin Official Residence Flower show, and use it for Christmas cards.  Alas, the sun was too bright! But we miss that sunshine now, it is cold! It’s supposed to get down to 9C, (that’s colder than when you were here Dad!).

Thought I might share with you some of Jayden’s vocabulary and pronunciation. It’s pretty much all the same sounds, in different combinations.

1. Mommy (Eng & Ch) = mama
2. Daddy (Ch) = baba
3. Daddy (Eng) = dada
4. Sister (Ch) = jyeahjyeah
5. banana (Eng) = nananananana
6. stand up/bum up (Eng) = ba ub
7. help (Ch) = bama (bang mang)
8. go (Eng) = go go
9. dog (Ch) = go go
10. no (Eng) = nononono (but in a cute way)
11. stop (Eng) = bap
12. more (Eng) = mo
13. milk (Ch) = neigh neigh
14. bye (Eng) = ba ba
15. older brother (Ch) = gege
16. open (Eng) = ba
17. throw away (Ch) = doh doh (dyao dyau)
18. carry (Ch) = bao bao
19. vroom (Eng) = vroom vroom
20. yes (Eng) = mmm (with a head nod)

The only signs he does regularly are “bye”, “come”, and “stop”. He’ll do “more” if it’s the tickling game and “milk” if he’s really frustrated at our lack of comprehension.

If you want to compare, this is what I have jotted down for Jaylene’s word list at 18 months:
Eng: hello, Mama, mommy, Daddy, Ahji, nose, ear, mouth, eye, eyebrow, cheek, toes, tummy, hair, duck, moo, water, more, no, bye bye, soother, book, ba (open), hello, apple, papa, sticker, peepee, happy, bum, uh oh.
Ch: dou ji (belly button), go go (dog), niao (bird), niao niao (pee), che tz (car), fei ji (airplane), neigh neigh (milk), dyou dyao (throw away), mei mei (little sister), jyeah jyeah (older sister), di di (younger brother), ge ge (older brother), ah pwo (elder lady), yi (one), er (two), san (three), zhei ge (this one), bau bau (carry/hold), cou cou (cry), shyeah shyeah (thank you).