Sometimes we need some focused time to show our gratitude to other members of our family. We created this little spinner game to provide a whimsical way to show that we are thankful for each other.

Thankful Game

Each section refers to an individual member of our family, two more are generically labeled “family” and “friends” and the last two are left blank. They can be designated at the beginning of playing time to correspond with any new players we might have, or an area we want to focus our gratitude on.

Each player takes a turn spinning and then sharing what they are thankful for on the topic that is chosen. The responses are written down and saved for later in case someone wants to read them.  After enough games, we could bind them into an appreciation book.

Sheet of cardstock
Brad/paper fastener

Use a plate to trace a circle.
Divide the circle into 8 (fairly) equal parts.
Use stickers to decorate the outside part of the circle (the inside part needs to be sticker free so that the spinner doesn’t get stuck).
Cut/punch/poke a hole in the center of the circle.
Use the paper fastener to loosely attach the arrow.
Start spinning!