I was looking through pictures from this summer and saw this one of the kids solving puzzles together.

kids puzzles

When Jaylene was a wee little thing I picked up these wooden puzzles for a great price. She only liked the ones that had a picture underneath so I grabbed my sharpies and sketched in line drawings of the matching puzzle piece. Now that she’s seven, she’s moved on to more complicated ones with smaller pieces. Which means she can’t do them while Jayden is around. However, when Jaylene wears a sleeping mask it makes the easy puzzles more difficult for her, and Jayden can still trade with her as he insists on being able to do everything she does. Another “trick” we do is ask Jaylene to be the teacher and help Jayden with his “work” (he goes to a Montessori school).

Do you have any suggestions on other ideas on how to make toys for younger kids suitable for their older siblings?