This week was full of sorting, cleaning and putting things aside to donate to the Parent Pages Rummage Sale. All proceeds go to charity and the event is on December 6th this year. The main motivation for all this cleaning though was Jaylene’s birthday celebration on Saturday.

This birthday celebration had quite the metamorphosis. First I had a big birthday bash all planned out, practically to the minute. Jaylene vetoed that and just wanted a couple of friends over for brownies. She’s the birthday girl so she got her wishes granted. Almost. The store that sells the brownie mix was closed every time I (or a friend) went there. I do know how to make brownies from scratch, but I don’t attempt such miracles these days. So what do you do with a girl who doesn’t like cake so much, and there are no brownies to be seen? Make a fake cake of course!

fake cake

It’s really easy, and I literally did this in a half an hour before the guests were scheduled to arrive.

Materials for cake:
A round box with removable lid
A large piece of felt that will cover the top of the lid and over the sides a bit
A strip of felt that will fit around the side of the bottom part of the box
2 lengths of ribbon that will fit around the side of the bottom and lid

The cake
1. Hot glue the felt to the top and side of the box.
2. Trim the felt so that it is just above the edge of the box. It’s okay if you see the box as you’ll cover it up with the ribbon.
3. Hot glue the ribbon around the edge of the lid’s side, letting a bit hang over the edge so that none of the box is seen.
4. Put the lid on the box, and hot glue the felt strip along the bottom edge, matching it up to the lid. It’s okay if the bottom edge shows because you’ll cover that up with the second ribbon.
5. Hot glue the second ribbon around the bottom edge so that none of the box can be seen.

The candle
1. Cut a rectangle of felt, and a flame shape with a small rectangle on the bottom.
2. Glue the rectangle part of the flame to the top left corner of the candle rectangle, letting just the flame part hang over the edge.
3. Run a line of hot glue down the edges and roll up the candle, gluing the end as well.

If you need a picture of this, let me know. Make sure the candles are wide enough to stand on their own on the cake. The fun part is “blowing them out” and knocking them over.

You can decorate your cake with felt shapes (which we have oodles of, thanks Jan!) and then keep the candles and decorations inside the box until the next birthday bash rolls around.

Now you know the method to my madness: clever concealment covers up the need to measure exactly and creates speedy crafting!

felt cake

We brought out the fake cake and sang the song and Jaylene “blew” out the candles. Her little friends joined in too.

blowing out the candles

If you want to see a video of us singing the birthday song and blowing out the candles Click here.

I wasn’t about to have a party without some sort of birthday munchies so we had 7-11 cupcakes. CUPCAKES! There was a mad rush for the whipped cream while I turned my back to grab the sprinkles.

Battle for the whipped cream

The winner outsmarted all the girls by zipping around to the other side of the table.

The winner is

I think the cupcakes were a big success!


The girls licked off the whipped cream and got several “refills”.  The two little ones didn’t want whipped cream on theirs. Jayden actually just grabbed his cupcake and then headed over to an area of the house that had no “big sisters” in it, so he could eat in peace.

Jayden's cupcake

After the cupcake extravaganza we headed over to watch the dancing and have a pizza in the park. I had planned a bunch of supergirl activities but I guess I’ll have to keep them on standby for another day. What are your party tips and tricks?