Yesterday was a rainy day and we spent it at home.  It was so nice to be able to be together as a family after these last two weeks.  (I’ve had to travel into the big city for a class in the evenings and Saturdays).   It seems like the rainy winter is here to stay for awhile, so I thought I’d share a fun indoor activity that Jayden’s school did recently.

Indoor Hurdles for kids.

All you need are some inflatable cylinders, or pool noodles, set across small chairs and a few creative children.

Hurdles for kids

Set the stage by asking the kids what they think the obstacle course looks like. You’ll probably get a variety of ingenious answers. Our group decided that it was an overgrown forest and they had to watch out for wild animals as they crawled through.

spiderman walk

Then they all transformed into spidermen (and spiderwomen) and walked over the hurdles to rescue those in trouble.  The older ones were also able to hop over the hurdles, the little ones were given some assistance with jumping.  How many other ways can you think of to get through the hurdles?