This week there were two Think! challenges. I wasn’t sure if we’d get time to make the marshmellow arch but we squeezed it in after playgroup today and before bed. All I did was show her some arched blocks and promise her that she could eat all the marshmellows when she was done.  She did this challenge really quickly. She broke each marshmellow in half and used the sticky sides to hold it all together.
marshmellow arch

I remember taking a walk with my class in grade five or six and we observed the neighborhood. We were supposed to try and find something that interested us and then create a project about it. I was intrigued by St. Mary’s Church which was designed by Douglas Cardinal. It is amazing in that there is not one corner, yet it is constructed of rectangular bricks. I was inspired by the concept and ended up making a sugar cube model demonstrating how that could be so.   I’m pretty sure I only ate one of the sugar cubes.

What architecture have you found inspiring?