I know that out of the box thinking was encouraged for this week’s Flag challenge but all we got around to doing was starting to learn the national anthems (for Canada and Taiwan). They’re both fairly difficult in terms of vocabulary for Jaylene, so we’re taking our time with them. We really need to make a CD that can play in the car as that’s when we find we have the best attention for the project.

As she hadn’t mentioned what she wanted to do for this topic, I did suggest that we could make little toothpick flags with decorative tape for the brownies we were baking on Sunday. Jaylene’s response was, “Oh, *you* can do that, but I’m going to…” and she rattled off a very long and detailed description of a project that involved a lot of cutting, coloring and sticking. I’m not quite sure when she thinks she’ll get around to making it, but she seems pretty determined.  Perhaps that will be her project for tomorrow night.  (Apparently her project for tonight was sneaking brownies from the kitchen while her dad was distracted on the stationary bike). I must say, I like her little projects as I’ve been coming home from my late nights to sweet little gifts left on my desk, like this…

Jaylene make it