I gave Jaylene the Illustration Friday topic, “Repair”, and this is what she came up with. (The crumpled effect is courtesy of Jayden, he wanted to participate too.)

repair Jaylene's

She cracks me up! Road construction, because they are *constantly* repairing roads here. Sometimes I think the first few lines of their national song translated into English would be, “Dig it up, rip it out, do it all again. And again, and again.” My friend tells me that after three months she stoped counting the amount of times they tore up the road in front of her house. She was already at 14. Ahji pointed out to me that they repave the roads every time there is a municipal election coming up.

Mine is just a quick cartoon because I have started my Masters of International Education and I’m in the midst of my first two week intensive course (Classroom management and discipline with a focus on differentiated instruction). It’s been such a long time since I was a student that my study skills are a bit rusty and in need of repair.