We went to the annual Trick or Treating party at Angie’s house yesterday. She lives on a pedestrian only street and convinces her neighbors to hand out candy (that we provide). It’s an authentic experience for kids growing up in a country that doesn’t celebrate Halloween, and it’s fun for the neighbors.

These were our costumes, both last minute picks. Jaylene decided a week ago to be a supergirl, Firegirl to be specific, and for the first time in her life wasn’t a princess.

Super Firegirl

Jayden has an adorable dragon/dinosaur costume but the weather was too hot so we patched together a pirate costume (with no pirate accessories as he abhors anything touching his head).

A pirate and a Firegirl

Jayden quickly got the hang of the treating part of the festivites. He was zooming down to the marked doors faster than anyone else in the family.  And sometimes he even had to be carried away, triumphantly clutching his goodie.

Ooh, she gave me candy!

Jaylene discovered the fun in the tricking part. Here she is with her friend Jade, trying to get the pumpkin bucket on their new friend, Nicholai’s head.

A little tricking

We had tremendous fun hanging out with so many friends.

The guys

Barack-a-bye baby

For more pictures click on over to my Flickr Set. Happy Halloween! May you get treats not tricks!