I have a million and two deadlines but what do I do? Add a fun project to our mix. I’ve been getting Illustration Friday prompts for a loooong time now, but haven’t acted on them, nor has Jaylene shown any interest in the prompts. Lately she’s been really keen to draw, so when I saw that Brenda and Heather had hopped on the IF bandwagon, I thought I’d give it another try with Jaylene. She was eager to try and after she had thought a bit, she came up with this:
illustration friday Jaylene
It’s about a little girl who is still playing when the garbage truck comes by at 12:00. Her mom wants her to go to bed (and her dad is playing computer games). It cracks me up because it is *so* representative of our house, except in the drawing the mom is smiling! Jaylene is supposed to go to bed at 9pm (which is pretty early for kid bedtimes here) but if she’s still up when the garbage truck comes at 10 she needs to drop whatever she’s doing and hop into bed. Garbage trucks come around everyday and play Beethoven’s “Fur Elise” to let the people know when to bring their garbage to the street. Usually there are no garbage dumpsters or cans, but our community pays the security guards to take cans out which means we can drop off our garbage earlier.

This is my attempt, a wee pirate has missed the boat.
illustration friday me