We received these lovely beaded wax star ornaments as a gift from Emily and I’d always been meaning to make up some of our own. (check out her site, she makes incredible pottery).


With a little help from the instructions on how to make Halloween Candle Appliques and a few more tips from How to make a floating rose candle I felt confident enough to start our wax project.

Basically you melt wax (I used a nonessential bowl in my rice cooker) and then pour it out into sheets and use cookie cutters to make your shapes. Attach some beaded wire and add some glitter glue and you’re done. Here’s what Jaylene made.

wax ornaments

We had a lot of leftover wax so we decided to make a wall hanging.

wax wall hanging

wax candles (and crayons if your candles are white)
a tin lid with a rim
goodies to stick in the melted wax
glitter (of course!)
hair dryer or heat gun

Instructions: Melt the candle over the tin lid until you have a good puddle of melted wax covering the surface. BE CAREFUL, melted wax is *hot*! Melt your crayon in if you need color and let the wax harden a bit. Start adding your collage elements and glitter. If something is too heavy and sinks to the bottom you can always melt your wax again and start over. It’s a very forgiving medium. Just watch your fingers!  Add a ribbon to the back and hang it on your wall.  I think these would make lovely Christmas gifts.  We’re on the hunt for some more lids.