We’ve travelled around Zhishan many times before as it has lovely trails that are stroller friendly, but this is the first time we went to the Ecological Garden. It’s fairly small, but very green and has a few air conditioned buildings. I was quite interested in the Wild Bird Rehabilitation Center.  Unfortunately there was no one around to chat with.


Jaylene was thrilled with the little stations scattered throughout that provided stamps and texture rubbings.

texture rubbings

Jayden was in a deep sleep for most of the visit, and Ahji took the opportunity to stamp the sleeping baby.


Poor thing. His sister tried to defend him in the beginning but was encouraging it by the end. They even got his tummy.

final project

To be fair, Ahji stamped himself too.


Perhaps for Christmas I should get him a gift certificate to a tattoo parlour. If you were to ever get a tattoo, what design would you chose? Or do you have one already?