Jaylene is definitely more crafty than technical. She was at a complete loss about how to start this week’s think! project.


Materials: 4 pieces of paper, two markers, two pencils and some tape
Instructions: create a car (no scissors!) and roll it down a ramp.

I suggested that she use some of her origami paper folding techniques and she brightened up some. After all, we know how to make a box and a ball, so a car should be fairly easy. I assumed that she would make four balls for wheels, but when I came back, she’d used a ball for the cab of the car and was working on rolling tiny wheels. She kept saying, “They must be smaller!”

the car

So, she made an origami box and ball for the main part of the car, and rolled up four teeny tiny wheels, taping them securely to the bottom of the car. Then she used the markers and pencils to decorate, paying close attention to details like windshield wipers and door handles. Apparently wheels capable of actually rolling were a low priority to her design, but her cute pink car was able to slide down the ramp, as long as it was on a steep incline.

in motion

I thought that was the end of this project but later, when she was playing with real cars with Jayden as he can’t be trusted with paper ones, I heard her exclaim, “OH! The wheels are on the outside, that’s why they roll.” Perhaps she’ll figure out a more workable design in the future.