We decided to stay closer to home and walk along the ocean this morning… for two and a half hours for a total of 3.5 km. Not a very fast pace but we had lots of time to observe and check things out, which is what the kids are really into these days.

Hold my hand

He’s a hand-holder. When he’s not requesting to be carried that is. He discovered the benefits of being carted around and can make his request known.  Loudly. Too bad he’s such a heavy little squirt. But I’ll take any chance to snuggle him in my sling that I can get.

walk 071

We were able to watch grasshoppers, dragonflies and butterflies and even a snake.  Ahji can’t resist catching the bugs and insects so we were able to examine a few creatures close up.  Not the snake this time.  It was a warm day with a lovely ocean breeze, but I was the only one in the family to get an atrocious sunburn.


Walking home we took a route along a little creek. There were oodles of berry bushes and it was the perfect place to pull out our nature journals and do some sketching. We stopped when Jayden started throwing crayons into the river, so we only completed one drawing each. Jaylene didn’t feel that was enough time, so after we got home she drew some more.

Family Nature Journals

(Paper and elements by Heather Taylor, doesn’t she have delightful botanicals and cute little creatures?)


This last photo set was taken close to home. Jayden was tired of walking, and we were tired of carrying him. Ahji was trying to coax him back to his feet when Jaylene joined in with her two cents.  They make me laugh.  I hope your weekend is smile worthy as well.