The Think challenge this week was to build a strong bridge using only 6 strands of spaghetti, two spoons, two cups, two pieces of paper and some tape. Then you were to try and see how many quarters or pennies your bridge could hold. We didn’t have very many Taiwanese coins available, so we used the coins we’d gathered during our various travels. We have coins from Thailand, Canada, America, Macau, Hong Kong and a few other places.

Starting out

Jaylene thought it was a little silly to build a bridge and have it stand alone. So we designed two “mountains” that would allow the bridge to have a genuine purpose, making sure that the land didn’t add to the strength of the bridge. She was determined to make it look like a suspension bridge so the spoons were used for strength and the spaghetti for decoration.  Once the bridge was completed, we decided that Pirate Hello Kitty would be using the bridge to carry her treasure to its hiding spot.


This was at 50.

75 down

At 75, coins started slipping off, much to Hello Kitty’s dismay. We cleared the bridge and started over, this time placing stacks of coins on instead of single ones. This allowed us to put all of our 110 coins on. But then…


A pirate attacked! Luckily Hello Kitty managed to escape with her life and a wee bit of treasure.

Getting Away

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