For the theme of white, we gathered up all the white toys and craft materials that we could find.


Then Jaylene thought of a story that we could illustrate with our goodies.


We put five scenes together and took pictures of them (Jaylene took some too!). We’re going to print them out and make a little story book. Perhaps we’ll attempt it with other colors too. Would you like to read our I spy story? Try to find these five things in each picture.

Find Us

Little Bunny’s Adventure by Jaylene

Little Bunny is busy working on a big project. Oh no! He’s missing something. Where can he find it? He must go out and look for it.

Picture One

Is it here? No.

Picture Two

Is it here? No.

Picture Three

It’s not here either. Will Little Bunny ever find what he needs to finish his project?

Picture Four

Yay! He found it on the mountain near the lake of pearls. Do you know what he needed?

Picture Five

Now Little Bunny has a sail for his boat. He’s going to sail away on an adventure. The end.


After we started Jaylene found a heart shaped button and added it in on some of the photos. Can you find any other treasures that appear in two or more of the scenes?