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When I saw these pumpkin ornaments I was reminded of similar paper crafts we’ve done over the years and how much fun it is. I was inspired to design some Halloween themed ornaments.

This is the witch’s hat.
witchy hatty

And a bat.

Here it is flying in the window, which gives Jaylene great delight. She must have made at least half a dozen comments about it during the day, usually resulting in the need to run screaming around the house. Which in turn, gave Jayden great delight. Me, not so much.


It’s very similar to quilling and there are some fun instructions here and here. If you want to make copies of mine, here areย the basics. I’d love to see what you come up with and any other designs.

Purple Witch’s Hat:
(Top) 1×11.5″
Fold the above strips in half and glue the tips together (I used double sided tape).
(Base) 1×6.5″
Glue the ends together and attach it to the top.
(Green Buckle) 1×5″ Fold it as shown and insert it into the base.

(Wing) 1×6″
Fold the above into thirds, join and glue at each fold.
Top of wing – 1×5.5″ glue the ends together with the inside part of the wing.
Repeat for second wing.
(Head/Body) 1×7″ Roll it into two circles
(Ears) 1×0.75+a bit Fold into triangles, you’ll need two.

Spider Web (not shown)
Follow the instructions for the bat wing, but instead of 1×5.5″ for the top of wing, use 1×3.5″ for the middle of the web. Repeat everything and attach the two sides together.