Jayden has a constant companion teddybear named Mr. Boo. He carries him everywhere about the house and frequently cuddles and kisses him. You can see him below, perched on Jayden’s lap.


So when I saw that the theme for toddlers this week was Teddybears, I knew it would be a topic of interest for Jayden. We dug out all our teddybears and piled them up in our play area. We had lots of fun hiding them and hunting for them. We also had a great time with our special set of Canadian postal bears.


They were perfect for matching up “mama” and “baby” bears. We each took turns taking a bear and then putting them back and lining them up.

We happened to have been given a super cute Corderoy board book when Jayden was born.

Corduroy's Day

Jaylene loves being able to read stories to her little brother.  She started practicing before he was born.  He adores it as well.


We also read Little Bear’s Happy Face Sad face. It’s a cute little story with a blank face shape on each illustration. We read the story together and decide which face little bear should have. There’s a choice of happy, sad, angry and surprised. It’s a sweet way for little ones to learn how to express feelings.

Little Bear'S Happy Face/Sad (First Book about Feelings)

As our final activity, we took the teddy bear shaped pillow that’s filled with rice, out of the freezer and had some very cold cuddles. This teddy bear is highly sought after in our family during our hot summer days.  

Did you have a favorite teddy bear when you were a child?