Part of our adventures in Green World involved an opportunity to see creatures we normally don’t see. And to actually touch some of the smaller ones. Ahji was thrilled to have a chance to hold this little green guy.

Snake Ahji

He tried to convince Jaylene she should hold him too. Even though she was born in the year of the snake, she wanted nothing to do with it. So, Ahji turned to the next in line and without asking the mother, plopped the snake around the wee one’s neck.

Snake Jayden

Jayden didn’t complain, he thought it was pretty cool. We had to keep him from grabbing the snake though, we didn’t want him to make it angry.

I even touched it for a while, and I usually never do gross things like that.

Snake me

It was a very short breakthrough for me though. I had no desire to touch the next creepy crawly offered to us.


Neither did my daughter, although my son was delighted to check it out.

Bug Jayden

I fear the days ahead when he’ll bring home souvenirs of his adventures in the great outdoors. For those of you with kids, what’s the most unusual item they’ve brought home or you discovered in their pockets?