I had visions of us skipping a block down the road to the beach and having all sorts of sandy adventures for the Unplug Your Kids challenge. The typhoon changed all that. Then I thought we could make some sand art using double-sided tape and colored sand. Jaylene had other plans and really wanted to make a paper model of an Egyptian pyramid. So that’s what we did. She went heavy on the scotch tape so it really doesn’t photograph well, but she had a lot of fun doing her project and that’s what matters.

We also had some fun dressing up as pirates and searching around our house for treasure “buried in the sand”. I must admit I felt like I was out at sea instead of on a beach with the all the water I was mopping up or wringing out, but whatever! I made this eye patch with a bit of felt and some ribbon.

Pirate Jaylene

There will be no pirate pictures of Jayden, even though he has the cutest little red striped shirt to complete the outfit. The thought of something touching his head is much more than he can stand, and the pirate costume calls for two head-touching items. I’m not sure how I’m going to convince him that it’s Taiwanese tradition for kids to wear a pumello hat at this time of year.