But not together!  Last weekend we went hiking in Tienmu, this weekend we’re safely inside enduring the wrath of a slowmoving typhoon. 

We drove to the top of the trail, effectively cutting out a million steps in the journey, and walked along the leisurely meandering path.  It was slow going because Jayden was enthralled with all the glorious rocks available to pick up, throw down, and pick up again.


Luckily our hiking partners had a cute little boy who was interested in doing the same thing.
Boys Hiking

Jayden would be hardpressed to pick a favorite between playing with the rocks or the mountain water that was set up to flow out of a faucet.
Boy Water Break

His least favorite was the big pig, especially when his dad tried to make him sit on it.
Boys Pig

Overgrown sows invading our patio restaurant while we ate sweet potato soup aside, it was a most enjoyable, spontaneous way to celebrate my birthday last Sunday.