Nope, that’s not a typo in the title… you know it’s not Monday anyways! With Moon festival coming up and the fabulous Children’s Literature Challenge, we found food that reminded us of the moon. Crescent shaped fruit and round cookies and crackers, and of course a traditional moon cake!  This was our dessert tonight, we’ve got lots more of these moon munchies to snack on until Moon festival on Saturday.  mmmmm!

moon festival muffin tin (kids lit challenge)

We read a library book, My moon, our moon by Anahita Taymourian, the Chinese and English version (ISBN 9570518561). It’s a gorgeously illustrated tale about imagining what children would do with the moon if they could. And it ends with a lovely message about sharing and selflessness.


We also enjoyed our copy of Give that back to me – That’s mine! It’s the traditional tale of Hou Yi and his wife Chang-E. Hou Yi does the world a favor by shooting down 9 of the 10 suns in the sky, reducing the heat. The people crown him king but he grows lazy and cruel. He discovers a way to live forever, but his wife foils his plan. While her selfless act prevents her husband from ruling with an eternal reign of terror, the magical medicine makes her float up to the sky to live forever on the moon. Thankfully she finds a true friend in the rabbit that lives in the palace there.

When I was a child, my parents showed me the man in the moon. Chinese people see a rabbit. What do you see when you look at the moon?