Thought I should showcase the guys for a little bit. Ahji completed his 3km swim across Sun Moon Lake in an hour and 25 minutes.  He’s content with his time.

the guys

Jayden’s first word that he’s actively saying on his own and not repeating is the Chinese word for milk. However, he usuallly screams it out as he’s lunging for your drink, usually one that’s not appropriate for him to consume. He did call out Mama when I picked him up yesterday, which melted my heart. Ahji would argue that he’s been calling “Baba” or Dad in Chinese for some time, but actually he’s just been making the sounds or repeating. I’m pretty sure I’m not being biased here.  He has a mischeivious little twinkle in his eyes, especially when he’s about to do something he knows he shouldn’t, like attack his sister.

Jaylene’s first word was “Older brother”. I have no idea what mine was. Do you know your first word? Or do you remember your childrens? Did it reflect your personality?