After how I go on about science and how it’s important for Jaylene to learn and blah blah blah, you’d think I’d have taken a more scholarly aproach to this week’s Unplug your Kid’s challenge of Insect. Well, I didn’t. We went very girly girl and created a button and ribbon necklace.


I thought I’d seen these all over the ‘net before, so I didn’t take step by step pictures. However, I can’t find a good link for you! It’s very easy though.


1. Measure the length of ribbon necessary for the neck that will be adorned.

2. Round up some buttons and then place them in a line to create your design. Leave room for about two inches of empty ribbon on each end.  (If you’re using buttons with a loop, it’s a good idea to have flat ones on each side to level them out)

3. Locate the middle button and sew it to the middle of your ribbon and follow through until you’ve reached the end (with 2 inches of ribbon empty). Then sew on the buttons on the other half.

4. Add self-adhesive velcro dots (on opposite ends, and opposite sides of the ribbon, so that they will attach properly) making sure the fuzzy side will be the one that might accidently touch the neck if not fastened completely properly.  We tacked them down with a stitch, just to make sure they stayed attached.

That’s it, told you it was easy! I did have ideas about making an ABC insect mural with matching insect cards so that we could hunt for bugs while learning their names. Unfortunately there just wasn’t time as Jaylene had swim class every night and Ahji was away for his swim across Sun Moon lake this weekend. Perhaps another time, or maybe not. I’m really not fond of bugs!