This is the big robot project we’ve been working on for the last week or so. Recycled Robots (in a box!)

Recycled Robots

I’d been thinking of making a DIY robot kit for awhile. My original idea, and it might still come to be, was to use hardware elements, like nuts and bolts, that would fit together to make a robot. However, the logistics of that still eludes me, so plan B was to use recycled objects. Unfortunately, the part that kept us from actually doing so was that I didn’t want to store or display big bulky robots. That’s how Robot Accessories came to be:

Box Accessories

We gathered a bunch of robot looking recyclables, spiffed them up and then grabbed some bottles to turn into robots. Any containers would work, these drink bottles were what we had on hand. Then after the fun was over, the accessories were returned to their storage box and the bottles headed back to the recycle bin.

Items we included:
small lids (to create heads)
strips of decorative plastic bags (they tie around to spruce up the robot body)
colored twist ties (to attach arms and other limbs)
craft foam (to make arms, necklaces… whatever)

We also had my collection of colored sharpies and these super fun wax oil-stick crayons. They can write on any surface: plastic, glass, metal.

I think that’s the last of the robot crafts for awhile. Unless we find a way to make a robot that actually does something or moves. But that’s probably beyond me. Do you have any fun robot activities?