Hope you’re loving robots as much as we are! This weeks unplugged challenge is insect, and while we have a project done that we’ll post later, we noticed these robot bugs during our museum visit and Jaylene wanted pictures.

robot bugs

At least she didn’t ask me to buy some!

metal robot bugs

I’m not a big bug person. Right now we’re waging war on ants. They like to live in cardboard boxes you know. Have you ever opened up a box and found it swarming with ants? Very gross.

hex bugs

Okay, so the metal ones are kinda cool and these ones are kinda cute. But I won’t admit that in public!

robot control

We had a little conversation with our guide about how it’s important to encourage girls to maintain an interest in math and science after the age of ten. I suggested that they try to develop a camp with that demographic in mind. He disagreed, mainly because he couldn’t figure out how to encorporate robotics with barbies.

robot girls

These girls don’t need Barbies to be interested in something! So, please share your favorite Kids Science or Math sites. I recommend Cool Math 4 Kids but I don’t know of any young girl science sites. We get the Science News For Kids enewsletter, but they don’t provide hands on projects. I hope you can lead us in the right direction.