Now, if you’ve read my blog for any amount of time, you’ll notice that I don’t usually mention what I receive in the mail. My reasoning is that, when life gets overwhelming (and it often does) my computer time is the first to go. And I’d hate for someone to think I didn’t appreciate what they sent me because I didn’t mention it publically.  (I try to always thank privately). However, Cassi from the Crafty Crow sent me my Funny Food prize and it’s amazing.

crafty crow funny food prize

A printed tote with matching button pin and oodles of great supplies inside. Including freezer paper… now I can do freezer paper stencils! I am super excited about that. If I’ve ever posted a comment of admiration for your freezer stencil artwork that was filled with longing and perhaps a wee bit of whining… I’m sorry, but now look what I have! My own stash! yay. I digress.

The reason why I wanted to publically thank Crafty Crow, was because I promised (several times) to send a pack of asian collage items to donate to the totes. And I forgot (several times). I’m terrible at mailing things out in a timely manner! I’m very sorry, and so if you were a funny food winner and you want a collage pack, leave a comment and I’ll send you one (making sure to do so before Christmas!)

While I’m talking about fun packages, I might as well mention that Sycamore Stirrings sent me these lovely headbands, just in time for my new, too short hairstyle that begs to be worn in a headband!

Oh, and Brenda Marks, amazing Oregon artist extrodinaire, has been destashing and sent me a thoughtful package full of card making goodies.

I know I’ve forgotten something, which is why I don’t usually do these sorts of posts, and it’s reminded me of a whole slew of other things I need to do (like mail Rachael her giveaway prize). I need an assistant, lol!

Oh, oh, there’s still time to sign up for Kiddio’s Kid Stationary/Mail Kit swap. Looks like fun!
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