Some more pictures of our weekend outing to TaoYuan County. We had lots of fun playing with all the old fashioned machinery.

old fashioned machinery

I had to giggle at the record players… I had one when I was about Jaylene’s age. It was a bit more high tech though. I remember my mom had “hidden” it in her closet which was filled with boxes. She let me try to guess which one my present was, and if I was correct, I could open it early. I made my choice and was wrong. Then when my birthday rolled around, I was indignant to discover that my choice had indeed been right. Of course I had chosen the only pink and purple swirly box in the closet! A groovy record player so I could listen to my groovy tunes.


We’re not quite sure what all these machines actually did, but they sure don’t look as convenient to use as a kitchen aid! I would love to have a kitchen aid. Heck, I’d be happy with a hand held mixer. If you could buy any sort of machine right now, what would it be?