There’s a lotus festival going on in Taoyuan right now where you can see these gigantic lotus leaves.


Not only are they huge, but they’re strong and some people feel a need to have their children sit on them and pose for pictures.
lotus ride

Even if the children might be a little hesitant about floating out to the middle of a lotus pond and sitting on a leaf like a frog. Even if the children cry… because they’ll get over it quickly and have fun and we’ll end up with a cute picture.

lotus 058

After all, a beautiful flower is much less intimidating than a stranger in a red suit with a white beard that’s going to sneak into your house at night, right?Β  And countless children have had their pictures taken with *him* while crying…

lotus 056 webcopy

They did have fun after the scary bit was over.Β  And we got interviewed for tv.Β  And everyone at the pond took pictures of them ’cause they are so gosh darn cute!