Well, there have been no posts from me because I have been really sick! I started feeling better yesterday afternoon and was able to give some long-missed cuddles to my kids. Jaylene wanted me to read her a story, and even let me pick out which one I could read! We hadn’t read Love You Forever in a long time, so that’s what I chose.

Love You Forever

We’ve made up our own tune to the song and often sing it to each other. However, it had been a while since we’d read the story and it was like a new book to Jaylene. At the end she gave a contented sigh and said “That’s a nice one!” We snuggled some more and then I crawled back to bed.

This is the synopsis I stole from goodreads.com: The mother sings to her sleeping baby: “I’ll love you forever / I’ll love you for always / As long as I’m living / My baby you’ll be.” She still sings the same song when her baby has turned into a fractious 2-year-old, a slovenly 9-year-old, and then a raucous teen. So far so ordinary–but this is one persistent lady. When her son grows up and leaves home, she takes to driving across town with a ladder on the car roof, climbing through her grown son’s window, and rocking the sleeping man in the same way. Then, inevitably, the day comes when she’s too old and sick to hold him, and the roles are at last reversed. (Adding: The circle begins anew with the man’s own very new daughter.)

What’s your all-time favorite sappy children’s story book?