Flat Stanley 40th Anniversary Edition

For this week’s unplug your kids challenge (Flat) we read the book Flat Stanley and created a “Flat Jaylene”. For those of you who might not be familiar with the story, Stanley gets flattened during the night and has all sorts of adventures being flat, including being mailed to California to visit some friends. Children all over the world read the book, and then create flat versions of themselves to mail to friends. We’ve hosted a couple of flat sweethearts. And we found a friend in California who is willing to host a flat Jaylene. So here she is, in all her sparkly glory:
Flat Jaylene 002

Please excuse the bad photo, I took it tonight, after spending all day in bed sick.  Thankfully we only had a little “seepage” from the typhoon.  Usually we get flooded. I most certainly wouldn’t have been able to handle that today.  As it was, I would crawl out of bed periodically and watch my hubby teach the kids the “Old Skool” way to celebrate Typhoon days… computer games and instant noodles.  My daughter plays Mario Brothers better than I ever did. Sigh… 😉

If anyone else is willing to host Flat Jaylene, let us know!