We’re a bit early posting this but there’s a typhoon coming and I’m worried that I’ll be spending Monday mopping up flood waters.

Jaylene and I had a bunch of fun in the kitchen creating more muffin tin Monday madness! We had made cupcakes on Saturday so we of course wanted to include one. Then we brainstormed other ways we could have sprinkles on the rest of the cups. This is what we came up with:

cupcakes 004

Top Left: Cupcake
Top Middle: Bread Cupcake (Stacked bread circles), sprinkled with tahinni and raisins
Top Right: Apple Cupcake (half an apple, de-cored, and iced with peanut butter), sprinkled with cheerios
Bottom Left: Yogurt sprinkled with cashews
Bottom Middle: Nectarines sprinkled with sugar flowers (Jaylene doesn’t like this kind of fruit, so the flowers were a bribe)
Bottom Right: Trail mix, to replace the other sprinkles once they’ve been consumed

I think Jaylene liked it, every bit was gone!
cupcakes 005

And a glimpse into my kitchen. I have about a foot square amount of countertop, as seen in the following picture.
What you see is what I have. The right side is cut off just where the sink begins. Apparently I also have a robot in my kitchen, can you see his reflection? Tell me, why doesn’t he do the dishes?  Oh, the insane amount of eggs belongs to my mother-in-law.  She’s filled all the egg cups in the fridge, so she usually stores that basket in my little oven.  I guess she likes eggs.

Anyway, I realized in the midst of making the cupcakes that I had no place to let them cool. I improvised and used the tops of our rice cooker and Jayden’s bottle sterilizer.

cupcakes 002

The fridge, which is next to the bottle sterilizer, is directly across from our gas burners (which you saw in the above picture) so you have an idea of the length of my kitchen now. The little convection oven that I baked the cupcakes in fits in the space under the rice cooker.  That’s directly across from the sink.  I blame my lack of skills in the kitchen entirely on my kitchen.  Although, truth be told, it doesn’t prevent my mother-in-law from whipping up tasty, though mostly egg-based, meals.