Well, as I knew I’d be going back to work this Friday, I thought I’d use an idea for the Book Experience challenge that we’ve done for awhile using some goodies the Canadian grandparents sent over. (They also sent a CD showing them singing the song, what a fantastic idea!) I only had a half day, so the afternoon was spent singing, reading, and playing 5 Green and Speckled frogs (our version is by Priscilla Burris).

frogs 001

I love how the grandparents personalized their greeting by putting a picture of themselves in. A great idea when giving a book.
frogs 003

First Jayden looked at the pictures by himself. This helps him be more attentive during the reading.
frogs 004

Then Jaylene read the story to him, and Jayden and I acted it out with the rubber frogs (which have a tendancy of ending up in our kitchen next to the fridge which scares Ahma when she’s emptying out the bag of veggies she brought in from her garden which makes Jaylene giggle).
frogs 006

That’s all I had planned to do, but then I had an idea for a game.
frogs 009

We stamped up some cards using froggie stamps and divided them between us (we had 23 each, a totally random number). Then we rolled two different colored dice. If the orange die was even, then we put the corresponding yellow die number of frog cards into the pool. For example in the photo above I would get to put 5 frog cards in the pool. However, if the orange die was an odd number instead, I would have to take 5 frog cards out of the pool and add them to my hand. The object of the game is to get all your frogs into the pool.

Then Jaylene had a great idea to turn the frog cards into the fishing game we’d played at a birthday party recently.
frogs 010

We put in 3 pairs of cards with paper clips on them and then raced to fish them out with a rod with a magnet at the end. The person with the most pairs was the “winner”.

Then we thought of one last activity…
frogs 013

Simply tossing the cards into the pool and keeping a tally to see who could get the most in. Jaylene beat me, but only by one point.

And this picture is for Sara, because she hasn’t posted a comment on my blog in ages.
frogs 007