When I first saw the Muffin Tin Monday Challenge, I thought to myself that it would be fun to participate this summer. Well, this is my last Monday before I go back to work and we finally got a submission together. It was a big hit and I have a feeling we’ll be doing muffin tin weekends quite frequently. Well, as best we can, considering we don’t have a muffin tin!

This week they had a theme of Rainbow, so we decided to make a rainbow dipping tray.


Red: Salsa
Orange: Cheese (because I ended up not cooking the squash in time)
Yellow: Pureed Pears
Green: Avacado (which Jaylene pointed out seems more yellowish)
Blue: Blueberry Yogurt (which seems more purplish)
Purple: Grape Yogurt (which apparently is white, so we added raisins)
Dipping Goodies: Vegetable Bread sticks, corn tortilla chips, Japanese Baby cookies

Those lil cookies are adorable, here’s an attempt at a close up, can you see his tongue sticking out?

Check out Sycamore Stirrings for the Monday Muffin tins official list. They all look so yummy.