Jaylene and I have started a new project where she plans to read 100 books in the upcoming school year. Yeah, we started a bit early but I head back to the classroom on Friday and it fit into our discussion at the time. I’m a bit worried that she’ll finish 100 books before she even sets foot in her grade one classroom, lol.  The prize will be a book that I was given by my first grade teacher for accomplishing the same feat.  I’ll be annotating our selections HERE if you’re interested in following along.

Supertwins and Tooth Trouble

Have you heard of the Supertwins series? Jaylene and I just discovered it. I bought a couple of the readers at the rummage sale as I’m always on the lookout for things to feed her superhero interest and help downplay the princess obsession. Jaylene has fallen in absolute love with the 2 books we have and has read them at least once a day since we read them on Friday. She even used them as inspiration for this week’s unplugged challenge (which we’ll share once Mr. Linky goes up). We tried to find some more copies at Page One on Saturday but with no luck. We’ll have to check out Cherry Hill Bookstore, as that’s who had the sale originally.