Before I forget in my ramblings and rantings, Princess of Something is hosting a fun challenge on her blog. The idea is you grab a book and a kid, read the book with the kid and then do some sort of related activity. I *love* it! I hope it’s a regular feature.

Now for the rantings and ravings….

I thought it would be a good idea to catalogue the kids books online, making it easy to see which books we like, which ones we own, and which ones we’d like to own. Yes, I wanted to be a librarian when I was little. After working in three different libraries during my youth I discovered that perhaps it wasn’t the place for me. Especially as I mix up numbers and letters, makes reshelving a wee bit difficult.

Well, several of my friends are part of Good Reads so I thought I’d try it out. That was last year, and I couldn’t figure it out. Not surprisingly, after all, I’m not all that smart technologically speaking. Then earlier this year someone posted on ParentPages that they were looking for Good Reads Friends in Taiwan. I enthusiastically responded, and managed to upload one book. Mind you, it was a set of 12 readers, but it still only counted as one item.

Today, after reading how one lady organized and catagorized over 400 of her kids’ books, I felt motivated to attempt Good Reads again. After spending *all* morning slugging away at my task, I’ve uploaded 12 more books. It would seem to be faster to take pictures of the books and create a flickr account for the job. Then we could add things like activities we like to do that are inspired by the book.

What do you think? Does it take you forever and a day to upload to Good Reads, or add a shelf? Do you use another online book organizer? Should I go ala Flickr? Should I just not catalogue at all?