1 Inukshuk

This week’s unplug your kid’s challenge was stone, and it was a great way to explore one of Canada’s symbols, the Inukshuk.    
2 Inukshuk

Right now Summer Olympic fever has caught Taiwan as Beijing is just a hop, skip and a jump away.  As a result, Jaylene is quite familiar with the Mascots (5 cute panda bears) and logo (a dancing Chinese character).  That gave us a base to discuss the Winter Olympics that will be held in Vancouver in 2010.  Their logo is named Ilanaaq (Inuktitut word for friend) the Inunnguaq (stone sculpture in the shape of a human form). 
3 Inukshuk

We made our own Inuksuit out of pottery shards we found on the stony beach near our house and some precious stones we’ve collected and been gifted with. We made ours in a temporary form but you could gather stones and glue them together to make a more permanent form. There’s even a knitting pattern available.