Jaylene and Jayden *adore* the faux playsilks. In fact, I mentioned to Jennifer that I was considering returning to get some more and she gifted us with some! She had picked these up (probably at the same fabric market shop) but hadn’t gotten around to getting the edges finished and ended up ordering some real ones from Kindermusik, so she gave them to us. What a sweetie! Jaylene wanted to play with them in the park before we went home.


I first heard of Silk Scapes from Let’s Explore. They seem so cool, a big huge night sky or a ginormous rainbow.  Jennifer mentioned that she’s going to purchase some one of these days. She has all the “cool toys” 😉 Jaylene was thrilled that they got to play with the small parachute during the party.
But when you ask her what her favorite part of the day was, she says with a huge grin, “ALL of it!”